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David J. Cowhey The New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer - Lawyer Books
February 4, 2022
New Jersey Dog Bite Laws

The law governing dog bites in New Jersey is found in a statute enacted by the New Jersey legislature and caselaw interpreting that statute.  New Jersey Statute 4:19-16 reads:  “The...

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tenant walking dog
May 25, 2021
Is a New Jersey Landlord Responsible if a Tenant’s Dog Bites Someone?

When a dog bites or attacks a victim, a dog bite attorney will want to determine who may be at fault. In New Jersey, landlords have a responsibility to act...

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Minor dog bite injuries can be costly
May 14, 2019
Secondary Injuries from Minor Bites

  Not every dog attack incident leaves the victim with severe, visible bite scars. However, such incidents can result in secondary injuries to the affected area, and even in other...

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