dog bites

dog at work dog bite claim from coworker
July 30, 2021
Can You Sue If Your Coworker’s Dog Bit You?

It has become increasingly popular among businesses to allow employees to bring their pets to work. It is thought that dogs in the workplace can lower stress levels and increase...

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two dogs fighting at park
February 1, 2021
How is a Legal Case Different if a Dog Attacks a Person or Another Dog?

While David Cowhey exclusively represents human dog attack victims, we’re often asked about cases where a dog attacks another dog. From a legal perspective, cases involving dog attacks on people...

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Doctor looking at xray of spine to assess nerve damage
August 16, 2019
Dog Bites and Neurological Injuries

  There are many types of injuries that can result from dog bites or attacks, including broken bones, infections from dog bites, facial injuries and neck and back injuries. Dogs...

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Small Dog Breeds Can Bite
May 28, 2019
Dog Bite from Smaller Dog Breeds

A common misconception about David J. Cowhey’s New Jersey dog bite practice is that we seek to handle cases exclusively against larger, more aggressive breeds, such as pit bulls, Rottweilers,...

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Minor dog bite injuries can be costly
May 14, 2019
Secondary Injuries from Minor Bites

  Not every dog attack incident leaves the victim with severe, visible bite scars. However, such incidents can result in secondary injuries to the affected area, and even in other...

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